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Please don't forget your distance cards should be submitted to Pennie Drummond by 31st December 2021.
Please complete the following before forwarding:
  • Include a copy of your Mastercard(s) for your competitive events (National points for placings and gradings are now included as well as distance).
  • Please write the total kilometres you are claiming after the last entry on your distance card.
  • Remember to include the ride where you helped and mark this with an H in the Ride Type column and 32 km in the Distance column.
  • To qualify for the Groupís Trophies you MUST have helped at a ride. All members will receive annual or accumulative awards as appropriate.
  • Remember only 4 charity or non-endurance rides to count. Please indicate on your card which ones have been included in your total should there be more listed. All Bridleway Groups rides count. Sport Endurance rides are not recognised and do not qualify for inclusion.
  • If you wish for confirmation of safe receipt please include an SAE or an email address.
  • Cards received after 31st December 2021 will only qualify for annual kilometre rosettes/accumulative awards.
  • Please send your card by email to Pennie
    or by post to Pennie at Pine View Farm, 69 Northwich Road, Cranage, Nr. Knutsford, Cheshire WA16 9LE.
  • Ensure correct postage is used - Pennie will NOT collect any items from the sorting office should an "insufficient postage paid" notification card be received.
Many thanks

Chris Taylor

Added - 29/11/2021


Rachel Owen's horse Aurora XXIV was adjudged to be the best shod horse at Saturday's Wirral Ride.
Pat Guerin presented the Eld Trophy to Rachel.

Pat Guerin presenting the Eld Trophy to Rachel Owen

Well done to Rachel, Aurora XXIV and their farrier.

Muriel and I would like to say "thank you" everyone who rode at the Wirral Ride (we hope you had a good time) and, of course, to the wonderful band of helpers. We were going to say "Too many to mention" but they deserve a mention (hope we've got everyone) so here goes:
Route marking: Terry Madden & Rachel Robinson;
The vets: Anna Stonex & Hattie Barnes;
The farrier: Georgina Swire;
The caterers: Linda & Keith Edwards;
Technical Steward: Stephen Bennett:
Check Points and Radio Tracking: Wirral Raynet;
First Aid: Glyn Collins;
Car parking: Jane Stewart & Lorna McCarthy (who both moved on to other jobs);
Vet stewards: Gaynor Jones & Pat Guerin;
Time Keepers: Rachael & Scarlett Chappel;
Road crossing: Sally & Katy Mellor;
Vet writers: Meg Knott, Libby Dutton & Sarah Lewis;
Ron Hampson & Carol Taylor for everything else.

Without the help of these good people the ride just couldn't run.

Finally, the official ride photographs were taken by Ruth Saunby and can be found here.

Chris Taylor

Added - 20/06/2020


The Eld Trophy which is normally awarded to the Best Shod Horse or Pony in a competitive class at our Frolic Ride (thanks to Sue Evans) is up for grabs at this year's Wirral Ride.
The farrier will assess all shod and barefoot horses entered into one of the competitive classes to award the trophy.

The Eld Trophy donated by Sue Evans

It may be worth mentioning here that with a strict timetable in place due to Covid 19 the farrier will have limited time with each horse so please don't turn up hoping for a complete reshoeing before starting out - it has happened before!!!

Chris Taylor

Added - 23/05/2021


I want to say a huge thank you to everyone who was involved with the Baileys Cheshire Forest Frolic held on Saturday 8th May at Kelsall Hill Equestrian Centre. You are all true endurance people whether you were riding or helping in the rain & wind!

We are grateful to Baileys Horse Feeds who generously donated feed vouchers for the class winners listed below. The results were calculated using the FF system.

Congratulations to you all & your prizes will be with you very soon.

Congratulations to the following who have won feed vouchers generously donated by Baileys Horsefeeds:

Class 1 62km GER:                 Winner: Emmma Martin riding Nightfire Hallelujah Louis
                                                 2nd:       Abigail Tennant riding Djelanza

Class 2 43km GER                  Winner: Nicola Lewis riding Sakama Taliesin

Class 3 43km Novice GER     Winner: Scarlett Chapple riding Durboro Tansey

Class 4 31km GER                  Winner: Jane Wyatt riding Magners Gold

Class 5 31km Novice GER      Winner: Nicola Randle riding Llandderfel Princess Elen

Pat Guerin - Ride Organiser

Updated - 11/05/2021

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